“The farmers of Queensland would like to tell you a true story”

What is the issue?

On the 1st of May the Palaszczuk Government may rush flawed legislation through before MP’s know the truth

The legislation:

  • Locks up 1.7 million hectares of developed farmland with no compensation
  • Bans all future agricultural development in Qld by removing agriculture as a purpose under the planning act
  • Severely restricts other essential management activities like reducing encroachment or controlling woody weeds.

Why has the Government proposed these changes?

The Palaszczuk Government promised the Greens to toughen the rules on the farmers of Qld in return for preferences at the last election.

The Queensland Government has admitted it has not done any analysis of the social and economic impacts of the laws, and had no intention of doing so.

What do we want?

Farmers and graziers managing vegetation on Qld’s thriving landscapes want certain vegetation management legislation for long term management and good environmental outcomes based on science.

Come and have a look with me...

Did you know?

  • Land is developed for cities, towns, infrastructure, industry and farming. Only 13% of Queensland has ever been developed
  • 87% of Queensland remains undeveloped.
  • There is 1 farmer for every 277 people in Qld
  • Qld ag supports over 300 000 jobs.
  • The State Government’s 2016 data shows that tree coverage in Qld has increased by almost twice the size of the ACT in just three years.
  • Qld is 173 million hectares in total – In 2015/2016 vegetation was managed on just 0.23% of Qld’s area – less than 1/4 of 1%, the vast majority being regrowth.
  • There are over 14 million hectares of national park and nominated conservation areas in Qld – the area protected increased by 3 million hectares in 2011-2015 and now covers 8% of Qld.
  • Every year we are losing farmland, to urban encroachment, to conservation, to offsets, to mining and renewable energy, to infrastructure and industry
  • Vegetation legislation in Qld has had 18 changes since 1999