Meet the Farmers: Julia

Things We Want Consumers to Know:

We want consumers to know that we are so fatigued and disillusioned with misunderstanding from Governments and influential minority groups who have misconceptions about agricultural food and fibre production and about what we do for the environment at the same time.  As an Industry we have set the table for billions yet we have no invitation to sit or speak at the table. Our children hear a bias in their schooling about farmers and the environment only to come home and see the opposite happening on the ground. A long term profitable farming enterprise exists because we look after the environment as well.  Reaching out to people about what we do has been the most rewarding experience of our careers which I have to say is about as exhilarating as seeing what modern agriculture has delivered in partnership with commerce, genetics, animal husbandry and scientific innovation which is evident in our clever cows raising their calves and watching our crops produce highly nutritious commodities for Australians and the world. None of this would exist, the luxuries of our society wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for modern agriculture.

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