Write to the Premier

On May 1st the Palaszczuk Government will rush this flawed legislation through before MP’s know the truth. Stand with us by sending a letter to the premier to stop this from happening.

Premier Palaszczuk,

I write to express my support of the farmers and graziers of Queensland in calling for vegetation management laws that deliver sustainable agricultural and environmental outcomes.

Please consider the decades of generational hands-on experience and expertise that Queensland’s farmers and graziers are offering – their campaign ‘A True Story’ articulates that the proposed laws won’t achieve the desired outcomes and will in fact have detrimental environmental effects particularly on the Reef.

The food produced in Queensland should not be political, my family wants Qld food and is an important part of our State economy.

I respectfully ask for your re-consideration of the proposed legislation and to work with our farmers and graziers to deliver real on the ground outcomes.